PhDone – What next?

Midway, close to finishing, or finished your PhD, and not sure what to do next? We all experience this as PhD students, so you’re not alone! It can be a confusing, uncertain, and a frustrating period of your life.

Having lived through this experience personally, it was so surprising to learn that hardly anyone within academia was able to provide much insight or advice on how best to do this. Despite the vast majority of PhD students opting to leave academia for good, it feels as though we have to work everything out on our own. It can be a confusing and scary problem to navigate through.

Fortunately for you, it is our mission here at PhDoneWN to help make this journey for you and other PhD students a lot easier. It can take months to work out how to go about this, where best to start, how to approach this problem, and find useful resources to guide you through the process.

This free blog compiles a series of posts that provides thoughts, advice, and opinions on how to leave academia covering a range of topics. We also delve into some other aspects of what it is like to be a PhD student and the challenges (and benefits) you are likely to face after transitioning out of academia and into ‘industry’.

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and lets….begin.

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Here’s 3 posts to get you started!

The mindset for leaving academia.

Before leaving academia, career changing and entering industry, it’s vital to get your head in the right frame of mind. Re-defining your identity and working through any shame for leaving academia is needed in order to move forward.

Should I leave academia?

Leaving academia shouldn’t be taboo, shouldn’t be a trade-off from doing what you love, and it most certainly is not a definitive choice which you can’t go back on. These obstacles shouldn’t influence your decision when trying to work out if academia is right for you.

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