The Industry Mindset

Living to work, or working to live: A new perspective.

Throughout our academic journey, it’s easy for our career to be the reason we get up in the morning, thus we start living in order to work. However, a new perspective of working in order to live may encourage you to explore other opportunities, leading to a better routine and happier lifestyle.

Job Hunting Tips

Post PhD opportunities: The truth.

It’s easy to believe that non-academic and academic opportunities post PhD are scarce. However, this isn’t the full truth – it isn’t necessarily easy, but we can guarantee you it’s nowhere near as hard as you think. You just need the right ingredients.

Career Options

Choosing a career based on your life values.

A lot of people adjust their lifestyle to accommodate their job and career. Instead, you should be choosing a career that allows you to live your life in accordance to your life values.